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Atlassian Marketplace

Atlassian funnel health check

Are there costly leaks in your Marketplace funnel? Find out with our comprehensive 9-point health check.

It pays to invest in an Atlassian Marketplace funnel audit

Fix the leaks that are costing you business, and find new opportunities to drive growth.

Whether you’re new to the ecosystem or have been around for a while, our systematic and independent examination will help you develop a complete picture of where your apps and marketing performance stand today.

We go beyond a functional audit, evaluating your marketing strategy, systems and processes relative to Atlassian Marketplace benchmarks and best practices. Includes Marketplace analysis, competitor analysis, website analysis, customer experience evaluation and recommendations.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a black box. See what your metrics look like compared to Marketplace benchmarks. With our in-depth analysis, you can quickly uncover leaks, identify what’s working, and scale with confidence.

At the end of the audit, you will have a plan that identifies immediate opportunities to drive evaluations growth, as well as longer-term strategic initiatives for achieving your business targets.

Our 3-Step process.

You’re just one sprint away from a healthier, higher performing funnel.

  • Free Discovery call

    A quick 30-minute call is all we need to get started. We’ll seek to understand your immediate priorities and challenges so we can focus on the areas that are most important to you.

  • Marketplace funnel audit

    Over the next two weeks, we’ll dive deep into your numbers and perform extensive research on your app, its competitors, and some strategic moves you can take for immediate wins.

  • Audit & strategy presentation

    We’ll walk you through our audit insights, findings, and recommendations in a 1.5-hour call with you and your team. You get to keep a copy of our reports, deck, and recording for future reference.

Your investment:


You'll get:
  • Find the leaks in your funnel that are costing you opportunities today, and learn how to fix them.
  • Understand how your marketing funnel conversion rates stack up against Atlassian Marketplace performance benchmarks.
  • In-depth performance audit of current organic and paid channels with expert recommendations for improving your effectiveness.
  • Uncover keyword gaps to improve your search ranking and grow traffic to your website and Marketplace listing.
  • Competitive reports with insights on how you can get ahead.
  • Learn which paid ad campaigns are driving the highest ROI and how to take them to the next level.
  • Discover gaps in your tracking setup and analytics data and get detailed recommendations for how to close them.
  • In-depth audit of your website conversion performance with detailed recommendations for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).
  • Grade your Atlassian app marketing performance*.
* Atlassian Apps Marketing Performance Score

is Brighttail’s compound metric that grades the overall Atlassian app marketing strength and performance. It’s a combination of Marketplace listing performance, website performance, organic traffic and visibility, paid ads performance, nurturing campaigns and end-user engagement touchpoints.

Who will benefit from this?

Atlassian app developer turned solopreneur

Being the sole developer who wears multiple hats, you have so much to do with so little time. Our funnel audit will serve as your guiding North Star in planning your marketing initiatives—let us tell you what’s urgent and what’s important.

Product marketer working for an Atlassian app partner

You sure know your app best, but the curse of knowledge means it is difficult to identify blind spots accurately. We offer you a fresh perspective with our objective insights and best practices that you can deploy right away. Alternatively, use our report to convince the management to approve your long-overdue proposal.

Atlassian app partner engaging other agencies/freelancers

How do you know if your current programs and investments are paying off? We’ll cross-check your metrics with our Atlassian-specific benchmarks, so you know what’s working, what’s not, and how to lead your teams forward.

Why Brighttail, you ask?

Over the last 6 years, we have helped leading Marketplace partners like Ricksoft, Communardo, bitvoodoo, and many others achieve their growth goals with our unique approach to Atlassian app marketing.

We understand the unique challenges of the Marketplace and have a solid track record of helping partners take their marketing beyond the Marketplace to build high-performing funnels that drive positive ROI and revenue growth.

Some of the results we’re proud of:

With Brighttail, you can stop searching for answers and start finding the success you’ve been looking for. Our Marketplace experts will save you from the costly headaches of trial-and-error implementations, giving you a proven roadmap to accelerate your growth.

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