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Three Agile Best Practices Every Marketer Should Adopt

Welcome to the world of agile digital marketing — a world of rapid responses, quick decisions; of endless possibilities and endless opportunities. Initially practiced by software developers, the Agile methodology has slowly been adapted by digital marketers working in agencies to execute their tasks faster, cheaper, and with better results than ever before. 

As agile digital marketing gains more popularity, digital marketers need to understand its best practices if they want to use it effectively. At Brighttail, we are pioneers. Here are three agile best practices that every agency marketer should adopt. 

Prioritize Flexibility and Adaptability 

Agile digital marketing prioritizes adaptability and flexibility. This means that marketers should be able to test, measure, and adjust strategies quickly. By doing this, marketers can identify what works and what doesn’t and make changes accordingly. This gives them an edge over those who aren’t as agile. 

For example, if the data shows that a certain content asset isn’t performing well, agile marketers can either create a different asset or repurpose it for another campaign. Agile marketing allows us at Brighttail to be much more nimble and responsive than traditional marketers, especially for our people running paid ads. 

Break Your Work into Smaller Chunks

Agile marketing should retain the iterative nature of Agile software development. This means marketers shouldn’t be going for the homerun play all the time. For example, imagine spending all your time and effort preparing a massive campaign only for your client to go a different direction for whatever reason. 

If you had instead broken down the campaign into smaller, individual tasks, you could have caught any misalignment earlier on. At Brighttail, we work on these smaller tasks and organize them in biweekly intervals or “sprints,” which keeps our workload healthy, helps us stay aligned with our client at all times and manouver any sudden change.

Always Be Communicating

Maintaining clear communications and healthy team dynamics are essential to succeed in agile marketing, especially for cross-functional agile teams. At Brighttail, we achieve that by conducting daily standups and retrospectives at the end of every sprint. 

During our standups, we are encouraged to clearly and regularly communicate any blockers or issues we face. During the retrospective, the scrum team leader is in charge of providing client feedback, setting expectations, and making sure everyone is on the same page. 

This ensures that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities and that there is ongoing collaboration and communication.

Agile Marketing Is The Future

By following these three best practices, marketers can better utilize agile marketing to stay ahead of the competition and achieve their goals faster. Being flexible, breaking down your work into smaller parts, and constant communication are all essential for making the most of agile marketing. With these tips in mind, marketers can take their marketing strategies to the next level. 

If you want to hear more about what life as an agile marketer looks like, hit up the podcast episode below featuring our panel of Brighttail marketers! 

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David Ho

David hails from a rather unorthodox background in writing and applied linguistics. He wandered the wilderness of sales and tech recruitment for close to 3 years before coming home to content writing.

David Ho