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Boosting your Web Experience for both External and Internal Users

Today’s marketing landscape is dominated by excellent digital experiences. This reality highlights the need for all businesses, regardless of industry, to run a clean, well-organized, and user-friendly website.

In the seventh episode of the Brighttail Podcast, we delved precisely into this very topic. The featured guest was our seasoned Director of Web Experience, Allison Beh, who shared her perspective as an expert on all things web design, including its importance, pitfalls, and more.

Here’s a snippet of our interview below: 

What Steps Are Taken When Executing a Complete Website Design for a Client?

All projects begin with meticulous research into everything client-related. This includes their specific needs, target audiences, competitive landscape, and solutions, and usually takes place during the initial discovery session. The findings gathered from this phase are then used to lay the groundwork for the entire website redesign. Beyond this, further insights can be obtained from user analytics and conducting interviews with existing and past users. 

During this process, various approaches are used to tease out as much information as possible. From crafting user personas and journey maps to conducting strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis, and even brainstorming sessions with clients, no stone is left unturned as every insight is valuable.

What is Growth-Driven Design?

Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is a concept that is deeply rooted in Agile principles. GDD offers a wholly new take on web design. Instead of launching a large, detailed website from the get-go, it advocates for the opposite: launching a smaller but highly functional website.

Though small, this is followed by continuous data collection from user interactions and the implementation of ongoing improvements, allowing for the website to continually evolve based on relevant trends and user preferences which ultimately allows for optimal use of resources.

How Can Internal Web Portals Elevate Internal Use Experiences?

Creating web portals for internal use is hugely rewarding, but it does come with its own set of difficulties. One project worked on in the past involved revamping an internal portal that was used by thousands daily. 

While this project was demanding on the team, the redesigned portal managed to streamline otherwise tedious processes by offering a one-stop destination for all things employee-related, such as requests, announcements, and personal information. What’s more, is that all of this was powered with WordPress. Though this was met with skepticism initially, it eventually proved its worth thanks to its extensive content management system (CMS) and customizability. 

The complex task was far from straightforward, however, and involved accounting for the complexities of user interactions and requirements in light of al ong list of system specifications. This required the team to meticulously requirement gather, conduct in-depth research, and break down a list of functional requirements.

What Are the Most Common Web Design Pitfalls?

By far one of the most common pitfalls is designing a website that prioritizes the visual themes over the actual presentation of content. An approach like this leads to websites that overshadow their actual content and come with a generic user interface (UI). 

Besides this, other common mistakes involve a lack of proper understanding of basic design principles which can lead to cluttered and messy websites as well as websites being treated as static brochures which can lead to websites that are not engaging to visitors.

Boost Your Web Experience With Brighttail

Ensuring your visitors, both internal and external, get the best possible web experience is absolutely crucial for effective website design. Without this, businesses of all sizes will fail to create impactful online experiences that can affect them for the worse.

At Brighttail, we fully embrace the importance of growth-driven designs and use our experiences to create long-lasting and engaging websites and stay abreast of any developments in the web development landscape. To find out more, visit our website today! But meanwhile, why not check out our other podcast episodes?

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Ryan Tan Jit Ming

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Ryan Tan Jit Ming