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Our Favorite MarTech Tools for Digital Strategy

The marketing landscape of today is more fast-paced than ever, thanks to increased competition, evolving consumer behavior, and the emergence of new technologies. To adapt to these times, marketers must embrace B2B marketing automation tools to streamline and enhance their processes.

This was precisely the topic of episode 5 of the Brighttail Podcast, where we had the pleasure of sitting down with Ezrul, the director of digital strategy at Brighttail. Our goal was to delve deeper into his favorite tools and understand precisely why he believes they are valuable for digital strategists and marketers alike.

A digital strategist’s most commonly used MarTech tools

No two marketing projects are the same, which is why Ezrul prefers to utilize a comprehensive range of marketing technology (MarTech) tools that can cater to any situation. 

While it’s impossible to provide an exhaustive list of all the tools he uses (hint: it’s over 30!), his most commonly used MarTech tools include:

  • SEMRush: As one of the most popular tools among marketers, SEMRush has proven invaluable to Ezrul for tasks such as keyword research, backlink monitoring, and competitor analysis.
  • HubSpot: Serving as a powerful and indispensable customer relationship management (CRM) system, HubSpot forms a key part of Ezrul’s strategic efforts. It enables him to automate workflows, gather actionable marketing insights, and effectively manage email marketing campaigns.
  • Google Analytics: Ezrul relies on Google Analytics for anything related to assessing a client’s website performance, evaluating the effectiveness of ongoing campaigns, and more. It serves as an essential tool for his digital strategy endeavors.

A digital strategist’s favorite MarTech tool

Digital strategists often prioritize the bigger picture, such as analytics, rather than capture tools commonly used by specialists. Ezrul shares this sentiment and doesn’t have a personal favorite.

However, when it comes to visualizing the overall picture of ongoing campaigns and projects, Ezrul has found planning tools like Lucidchart and Mural to be high on his list. These allow for the creation of visual workflows, enabling strategists to have a comprehensive view of their campaigns and projects.

Why are MarTech tools useful for digital strategists? 

MarTech tools are incredibly invaluable for digital strategists today simply because they make work processes more efficient. Here are some key reasons why:

  • They provide seamless, real-time communication and collaboration channels with both clients and internal teams.
  • They offer detailed analytics capabilities to better understand the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • They help guide research and strategies with data-driven approaches.
  • They provide insights and information on prospective customers through intelligence tools like Leadfeeder and Apollo.ai.
  • They automate otherwise time-consuming and repetitive tasks, freeing up time for strategists to focus on higher-value work.

What tool would a digital strategist choose if they were limited to just one?

If Ezrul were to choose only one tool for his entire marketing career, he would undoubtedly choose HubSpot. The reason behind this choice is simple: no other platform offers the same level of customizability, power, reach, and capabilities as HubSpot. 

With its comprehensive set of features, including analytics, ad integration, and social media scheduling, HubSpot serves as the ultimate command center for any marketing endeavor. Its ability to consolidate multiple functions into a single platform makes it an indispensable tool for marketers looking to maximize their efforts and achieve outstanding results.

Comprehensive Digital Strategy with Brighttail

Leveraging MarTech tools is becoming increasingly important in today’s competitive landscape, empowering digital strategists to achieve the best possible results for their clients. 

At Brighttail, we fully embrace MarTech and stay updated with the latest developments in the industry. To learn more about how we utilize these tools and stay at the forefront of digital strategy, we invite you to visit our website! But in the meantime, feel free to listen to our other episodes.

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