Webinars: The Marketing Strategy Atlassian Marketers Fail to Leverage


Even if you have a great Atlassian app, it’s hard to get noticed when you’re competing alongside so many similar apps in Marketplace. Marketing your app outside the Marketplace on your website, through social media, and through lead generation content gives you an edge.

Many app vendors are seeing the benefits of producing blogs and e-books for lead generation, but there’s one strategy that most have yet to leverage – webinars! A 2021 study found that 81% of professionals prefer webinars over other forms of content. With so many events going digital, webinars have become popular as a source for professional knowledge.

You won’t want to miss out on the benefits of this valuable tool. We’ll show you how you can use webinars through every stage of your app marketing process.

Using Webinars to Market Your Atlassian App

Webinars boost your brand’s authority, increase engagement, generate high-quality leads, and add value for current customers. They not only encourage potential customers to give you their contact information, but also keep them interested with interactive content.

Boost Brand Authority through Thought Leadership

Educational webinars help establish your company as a thought leader in your industry. When viewers feel that they’ve learned something beneficial from your presentation, they’ll have more respect for your brand and will be more likely to make a purchase. Inviting experts to be guest speakers or panellists also helps raise your brand’s profile.

Webinars shouldn’t be all about your app, especially when you’re targeting buyers who aren’t aware of it yet. People don’t sign up for webinars because they want to be sold something; they want to learn something. If your app targets software developers, you could host an initial webinar on how to use Jira more efficiently to manage software projects, including a guest who’s successful in the industry. Then, just include a brief introduction to your app at the end.

Increase Engagement

With webinars, you can engage prospects’ attention for a longer period of time than you can with written content. The average viewing time for a webinar is 57 minutes! Since most webinars are about an hour long, that means most attendees actually watch the entire webinar. This allows you to provide thorough, in-depth information related to your app and know that it’s being received.

With live webinars, you can take questions from attendees either in advance or at a Q&A session at the end. This not only improves the viewer experience, but also gives you the opportunity to learn more about what your app buyers are looking for. In on-demand webinars, polls and surveys on the page can be used to increase interactivity, with results constantly updated.

Generate High-Quality Leads

Webinars are ideal for lead generation, as you collect the contact information of everyone who registers. With live webinars, you can also track who actually attended after signing up and identify them as highly qualified leads. You can then re-target them with more information about your app.

After a live webinar, make it available on-demand both as a way to nurture those prospects who signed up but didn’t attend and to capture new leads. Send emails to all the non-attendees with a link to the on-demand webinar and track whether they use it. Having on-demand webinars always available on your website to those who provide information gives you a constant source of new leads that you can further target.

Add Value for Current Customers

Since Atlassian apps are subscription based, you need to make sure your current customers continue renewing. Webinars are a way you can add value for these customers, teaching them how to get the most out of the app.

Unlike webinars focused at those who have yet to purchase, these can be solely about your app. For example, you could give a detailed walkthrough/tutorial on how to use the app and make this always available on-demand as onboarding material for new customers. You could also have a panel discussion on use cases to give users ideas on how to use the app they might not have thought of.


You’ve seen the advantages of webinars for marketing your Atlassian app. Using webinars can make your app stand out through every stage of the buying process. They keep prospective and current customers engaged and raise awareness of your brand. Are you ready to get started hosting your own webinar? Check out our next post to learn the steps to set up and host a webinar!