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The Atlassian App Vendor’s Marketing Playbook.

Scale Your App’s Growth & Revenue with Proactive Marketing Strategies for Atlassian Marketplace Success.

Stand out from the crowd by adopting the marketing strategies that can be found in this guide.

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Brighttail’s The Atlassian App Vendor’s Marketing Playbook is a free 18-page e-book that showcases marketing strategies that will help you influence your app evaluations, drive sales growth, and keep your customers renewing. 

This guide will deep dive into the aspects that can help you overcome your current Atlassian app woes:

  • Get to know your B2B Buyer’s Journey.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd
    • The Importance of Brand Building, Lead Generation, Thought Leadership, and Marketplace Optimization in your Awareness Stage.
  • Elevate Interest in Your Product.
    • Bolster your consideration stage with Buyer Enablement, Social Proof, Lead Nurturing, and Partner Enablement to sway your buyer’s consideration.
  • Gain and Maintain Loyalty
    • Solidify your customer base with Customer Onboarding and Revenue Operations to ensure your customers keep on renewing.