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Navigating Marketing Challenges and Creating Demand in 2023

Exclusive insights from SaaS and technology CMOs on how to overcome today’s marketing challenges and revamp your demand gen playbook.

Top Insights from 10 CMOs

Rising acquisition costs. Cutthroat competition. Shrinking budgets. The numbers are stacked against marketing leaders.

It has become crucial to adopt a new demand marketing playbook, one that shifts away from traditional lead generation strategies to a more holistic approach that creates, captures, and converts demand. We spoke with 10 CMOs to uncover their approach.

With our report, you’ll:

  • Discover the top five obstacles CMOs face
  • Find out how today’s marketing leaders are driving efficiency
  • Gain insights into strategies to create demand
  • Understand how adopting new channels can reach out-of-market audiences
  • Use the 95-5 Rule to get ahead of your competition