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Avontus – Unleashing the Magic of Scaffolding Software with a B2B UGC Campaign

Social media contest lifts awareness, engagement, and traffic for scaffold software leader.


Avontus Software




Campaign Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Web Development


increase in Facebook engagement


increase in LinkedIn engagement


landing page sessions

At a glance

Founded in 2002, Avontus Software is the global leader in scaffolding software. Over the years, the company has built a portfolio of innovative products for designing scaffolding, managing inventory, and improving jobsite safety and operations. But convincing traditional construction companies to invest in these new solutions hasn’t been easy. That’s where Brighttail comes in. As Avontus’ dedicated marketing partner since 2018, we’ve helped Avontus successfully challenge the status quo, make a compelling case for change, and accelerate software sales through a variety of campaigns addressing all stages of the marketing and sales funnel.

The challenge

Selling innovation is hard. To be successful, businesses not only need to convince buyers that their current processes and solutions are broken—they also need to show buyers that other companies are already winning with the new technology.

This is the challenge that Avontus faced. Fortunately, the twenty-year-old company has helped thousands of companies build safer, more efficient, and more profitable scaffolding businesses using its innovative products.

Avontus needed a campaign that would inspire customers to showcase their success, thereby helping other scaffolding companies see the amazing benefits delivered by Avontus software.

Our strategy
and work

Our strategy was built on the insight that scaffold designers take great pride in being able to solve the unique engineering challenges of each project; yet, within the industry they have few opportunities to showcase their ingenuity.

We recognized that a social media contest (#BeatMyScaffold2021) provided customers the perfect opportunity to show off their work, while it gave us the opportunity to dramatically increase Avontus’ reach and engagement. Additionally, the user-generated content (UGC) submitted by participants enabled us to address a key objection encountered in the sales process: whether or not Avontus’ scaffolding design solution is flexible enough to overcome unique design constraints.

The contest mechanics were rather simple. Contestants would submit their Avontus Designer® project to a contest page via Facebook to earn votes. The top 5 vote-getters would then be judged by a panel of experts, based on the following criteria: the project’s complexity (40%), the effectiveness of presentation (40%), and the total votes from the first round (20%). The Facebook aspect would drive engagement, while the panel of judges would ensure that it wasn’t just a popularity contest.

To further supplement the objectives of the campaign, Brighttail added a small twist to the competition to highlight another core Avontus product – Avontus Viewer. The participants were incentivized to submit a 3D video walkthrough of their designs using Viewer, which would provide Avontus with more user-generated content (UGC) to be used for potential case studies and testimonials.

The results

Improved brand awareness and engagement. #BeatMyScaffold2021 was a big hit with total post engagement increasing by 52% on Facebook and 32% on LinkedIn. All this engagement translated into 2,293 landing page sessions, with buyers coming to the Avontus website to learn more about the product’s capabilities and benefits.

Rich library of user-generated content. Beyond the immediate results delivered by the contest, the campaign gave us a library of customer images, videos, and write-ups we could use for future marketing and sales initiatives. At the end of the contest, we built a new Customer Projects microsite, showing interested buyers the amazing power and flexibility of Avontus Designer.

If you’ve always wanted to have a world-class digital marketing strategy but never had the time or expertise to implement it, Brighttail is the ideal partner. Thanks to Brighttail, our marketing now matches our products in surpassing our competitors and ensuring that we continue to be a market leader.

Ali Hajighafouri

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Marketing

Campaign Strategy

Mariah Jamil, Lea Vitalis


Faris Bakar

Creative Design

Yan Xin Tan

Email Marketing

Stephanie Chew

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