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Rising Above by Seizing Optimization Opportunities

SEO-led efforts helped a FinTech Startup achieve over 250% organic traffic growth over six months.


FinTech Startup


Campaign Strategy, Content Marketing, SEO

I have found working with Matthew and the team a highlight of my career, as demonstrated in Brighttail's commitment, focus on measurable outcomes and their absolute professionalism. They are a trusted partner.

At a glance

Our client, a FinTech Startup, found itself in a highly competitive market and was up against competitors who had been around for much longer. This is where Brighttail stepped in to help this FinTech Startup increase organic traffic and sign-ups through SEO. These efforts enabled the FinTech Startup to improve its organic traffic by over 250% in less than 6 months.

The challenge

Standing out amongst a sea of competition is difficult, even more so when most of your competitors have been swimming in the market for longer and have more available resources.

This was precisely what the FinTech Startup was up against. Despite being backed by excellent reviews and having a range of high-quality content pieces created in partnership with leading law firms, venture capital firms (VCs), and influential founders, the company still had to compete against industry titans and big-name players.

All these combined factors led to the reality that the FinTech Startup’s website was simply not performing as well as it should in terms of organic performance compared to its main competitors, who consistently outranked and outperformed them.

The startup needed to find a way to break through these barriers to achieve its growth ambitions.

Our strategy
and work

Our SEO approach was informed by extensive research that delved into insights produced from competitor analysis and SEO audits. Building upon this, our strategy centered around two tactics: 

(1) leveraging the FinTech Startup competitors’ market share and

(2) optimizing existing content.

The first tactic was a direct response to the reality that it was impossible to compete with the competitors based on resources alone, with competitors dominating the market share in terms of content produced and heavy investments into paid advertising and SEO. So, instead of going against the tide, why not harness it by turning a perceived disadvantage into an advantage? 

Given that products in the category come with a high price tag and significant switching-to-alternative costs, we hypothesized that potential prospects conduct deep research involving competitor comparisons before settling on a solution. 

Accordingly, we curated a range of competitor comparison pieces (such as FinTech Startup vs. its Competitors) that leveraged buyers’ tendencies to research alternatives. This strategic approach helped firmly position the FinTech Startup as an invaluable and trusted resource and also enabled readers to make well-informed decisions, ultimately expanding the startup’s reach.

The second approach aimed at leveraging existing content to boost the FinTech Startup’s visibility and drive traffic. This required meticulous optimization to make the company’s content as search-friendly as possible.

With a wealth of high-quality assets available, we conducted an in-depth SEO-led audit to strategically determine which assets were the most impactful and would benefit most from optimization. We then beefed up the selected assets, incorporating keywords, refining internal website linking, fine-tuning on-page elements, and even expanding webpages to provide more depth and detail.

The results

With Brighttail’s efforts, the FinTech Startup achieved remarkable growth in less than six months.

Between January 1 and June 30, 2023, the FinTech Startup experienced an exceptional 259% year-over-year surge in organic traffic. This accounted for seasonal patterns, as well as search engine algorithm updates.

Digging deeper, optimization was responsible for a 157% increase in organic traffic, while internal linking efforts resulted in a 1058% surge in pageviews from optimized pages. This demonstrated significant improvement in website performance and visibility. Furthermore, the website obtained 57 notable SERP features and a 163% increase in keywords ranked within the top 20 positions.

The competitor comparison pieces also played a significant role in establishing the FinTech Startup’s reputation, attracting traffic from competitors, and leading to increased sign-ups. This directly contributed to the impressive 178% month-over-month increase in sign-ups for its demo requests.

I have found working with Matthew and the team a highlight of my career, as demonstrated in Brighttail's commitment, focus on measurable outcomes and their absolute professionalism. They are a trusted partner.

CMO of a FinTech Startup

SEO & Content

Yenness Yap, Macy Yap, Ryan Tan Jit Ming, Adlina Rahim

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