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Life at Brighttail as a Content Writer

When you think of writing, you probably imagine a writer sitting in front of a laptop, sipping a cup of coffee at a quaint café, and letting their imagination run wild while they write an article.

However, as much as we want this to be true – it isn’t actually what a writer’s day looks like, especially in the high-tech B2B industry. 

Writing for B2C is one thing, but writing for a B2B industry is a different ball game altogether. It gets a lot more technical, which requires heavy research. With that, let’s discover what a content writer at Brighttail does on a daily basis. 

Say hello to Rubaa!

Hi everyone! My name is Rubaa and I’m a content writer at Brighttail. While I can’t speak for every marketing agency out there, being a content writer for Brighttail means every day is different and filled with opportunities to learn about different industries and writing deliverables. 

Fun fact: Rubaa loves baking and has started an online business selling cookies!

My main role as a writer includes planning, researching, and churning out well-researched content assets like blog posts, white papers, and e-books for my clients. Besides writing, I also attend meetings to discuss marketing plans for my clients, craft content strategy, and discuss with other teams like SEO to ensure my content is fully optimized for our clients. 

As someone who has done B2C writing for almost 10 years, I must say the shift to B2B writing is one of my biggest challenges. Writing tech-heavy content requires me to really understand the industry I’m writing about and ensure my content adds value for the readers. After all, no writer wants to write something that no one reads.

Nevertheless, Brighttail has helped me transition from B2C to B2B smoothly. They equip me with plenty of reading material about my clients, past content strategies, and other marketing assets on cloud-based platforms like Confluence and Google Drive. With such an open and transparent environment, I’m able to learn everything there is to know about the business, clients, and industry. 

Another standout in Brighttail is its people. If I hit a roadblock, everyone here is willing to help me if I ask. In fact, there are stand-up meetings twice a week within the scrum team to discuss any blockers or update our progress based on our deliverables. I find this extremely beneficial as I’m able to address any hiccups that I’m facing right from the beginning. 

In a nutshell, I would say Brighttail has provided me with a supportive and accommodating environment for me to prosper in my career as a content writer. 

If writing is your true calling, come join our young and dynamic team today!