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Life at Brighttail as a Creative Designer

Just like any other career out there, a job as a Creative Designer can be complex and challenging. It’s even tougher in the B2B industry focusing on high-tech and software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies as it requires one to be skillful in merging the world of art and science together. 

It demands creativity, a solid grasp on the principles of good design, and a thorough knowledge of the B2B market.

If you’re curious to learn more about the role of a Creative Designer, let us introduce you Brighttail’s Creative Designer, Jenn Ying.

Say hello to Jenn Ying!

Hi everyone! My name is Jenn Ying. As a Creative Designer at Brighttail, I handle all visual-related tasks for our B2B clients. This includes creating visuals for landing pages, ad copy, and even video production. Apart from visuals, I also carry out research and brainstorm ideas on unique ways to create visuals for marketing campaigns.

Fun fact: Jenn Ying is an established Chinese singer-songwriter!

My typical day involves attending virtual meetings with clients, ideating creative designs for our marketing deliverables, as well as participating in internal discussions with the creative team to bounce off ideas and discuss blockers. 

As someone who comes from a B2C background, one of my biggest challenges working here is learning about the B2B industry and creating visual direction and branding that would be suitable for the high-tech industry. 

Despite the challenges, I appreciate Brighttail for being open and giving me the freedom to explore innovative ideas. In a way, this pushes me out of my comfort zone to be creative with my work, which has helped me to improve my skill set and become a more well-rounded creative designer. 

If being a creative designer is your true calling, come join our young and dynamic team today!