Atlassian Solution Partner repositions for growth

Brighttail delivers new strategy, brand, and website to support expanded ambitions.




Brand Identity Design, Brand Strategy, Web Development

Brighttail isn’t just a vendor—they’re a true partner.

At a glance

Founded as a social media consultancy in 2010, 6kites had evolved into a fast-growing technology company providing professional services to the world’s most respected companies. In 2018, 6kites engaged Brighttail to develop a new brand strategy, visual identity system, and website that reflected the company’s broader focus on helping innovation leaders deliver “the amazing.

The challenge

6kites’ brand had not evolved with the rest of its business.

Over the years, the company had built considerable expertise in technology strategy, agile product development, software architecture and development, devops, service management, and supporting IT systems. Today, the company specializes in digital transformation, providing consulting services, custom software development, and integrations for the world’s leading software platforms. A trusted partner of Atlassian, Adobe, Hootsuite, IBM, and Salesforce, 6kites has built a reputation for developing innovative software solutions that extend the capabilities of its partner platforms and enable its customers to deliver “the amazing.”

The company needed to refresh its brand strategy, website, and marketing programs to reposition itself as a services firm with broad capabilities and a thought leader on the people, processes, and tools needed to rapidly deliver high-value technology.

Our strategy
and work

We began with a brand audit to discover where 6kites strengths intersect with market drivers and unmet customer needs. We learned that one of the biggest problems customers face is realizing the promise of new technologies. The technology available today presents numerous opportunities to increase capabilities, improve the customer experience, and drive revenue growth. But budgets and internal resources are limited.

Customers must navigate a lot of hype around topics like digital collaboration, AI/machine learning, Big Data, and DevOps in order to select a project that will deliver measurable business improvements. This is a high-stakes decision. And once customers select an opportunity to pursue, they face considerable executional challenges. They frequently lack the internal expertise and resources in these new technologies to ensure a successful deployment.

We realized that 6kites–as a company with a strong portfolio, deep roots in professional services, as well as partnerships with leading platform providers–was well-placed to position itself as a thought leader on what it takes to realize the promise of digital transformation.

Against a sea of competitors who lead with functional descriptions of their capabilities, we positioned 6kites as a thought leader with a clear vision and framework for building “the amazing.”

The new brand voice is refreshingly human in a space that is generally characterized by technobabble and corporate speak. For the visual identity system, we use three-dimensional cubic structures to instantiate the various elements involved in building the amazing. This gives the consultancy a premium, custom look, while providing ample flexibility to incorporate a variety of representational styles.

Brighttail isn’t just a vendor—they’re a true partner. They took the time to really understand our business and how it’s evolving, and then helped us develop a new brand strategy and website that will provide a foundation for our growth for many years to come.

Herb Morreale

Founder and CEO

Marketing Strategy

Matthew Lewsadder

Brand Development

Seneca Gan, Mark Jansen

Creative Design

Yan Xin Tan

Web Experience

Allison Beh