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Inneos – Optical Pioneer Reinvents Its Business, Brand, and Website

In just 6 weeks!




Brand Identity Design, Brand Strategy, Web Development

Inneos saw the opportunity to bring its innovative technology to the fast-growing videocom market.

At a glance

Founded in 1998, Inneos is an optical pioneer. The company invented an innovative CWDM technology that lowered the cost of 10 Gigabit Ethernet in telecom and networking applications. But in 2000, Inneos lost the standards battle and nearly went out of business. Following that defeat, Inneos rebuilt itself as a leader in the emerging video-over-fiber market, targeting event broadcasting, medical imaging, and other niche applications.

The challenge

With the advent of 4K and 8K video, Inneos saw the opportunity to bring its innovative technology to the fast-growing videocom market. Inneos’s new SVP of Sales and Marketing was in a hurry to update the company’s brand identity, strategy, and website to position Inneos for success in this new market. So, in January 2017, he engaged Brighttail to deliver a complete rebrand and website redesign in just 6 weeks.

Our strategy
and work

Working closely with the Inneos team, Brighttail quickly learned about the company’s market, customers, and technologies. We then designed an exciting new logo and visual identity system and brought them to life across the redesigned Inneos website.

A key objective of the website was to educate prospects about this new category of videocom solutions and encourage them to make the switch from copper to fiber optics. To do this, we developed a thought leadership platform, persona-based information architecture, and insight-rich content that taught buyers about the difference between copper (“Faux-K”) and fiber (“Real 4K”) video transmission.

Since rebranding and repositioning itself in the 4K/8K video market, Inneos has garnered extensive media coverage and industry awards for its technology.

Brand Strategy

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