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Life at Brighttail as Head of Copy

Have you ever been curious about what a copywriter actually does? If you think copywriting is just about “writing things” about a product or brand, well, you’re in the ballpark – but you fail to highlight the nuance that makes copywriting different from writing blog posts or whitepapers. 

To help you understand the job scope of a copywriter, especially in a B2B marketing agency like Brighttail, let’s meet Mark Jansen, our very own Head of Copy.

Say hello to Mark!

Hi! I’m Mark and I’m the Head of Copy here at Brighttail. My role mainly involves a lot of strategy work for clients and, of course, leading the copy team in all copywriting-related tasks and activities. This includes writing website copy, product copy, and ads copy. 

Fun fact: Mark is a big fan of ‘artisan’ coffee!

As the leader of the copy team, I also work very closely with our Creative Director to discuss campaigns and brainstorm new initiatives for the company and our clients in terms of branding. 

My day typically consists of stand-ups in the morning, meetings with clients, researching and creating strategies and frameworks, as well as completing copy deliverables for all our clients. Sometimes I will also handle ad-hoc copy tasks from clients.

While my day is generally hectic, I must say Brighttail is one of the better places I’ve worked at in terms of work-life balance. As someone who comes from a traditional ad agency background, I’m used to working around the clock with barely any room to breathe. When I was told during my interview at Brighttail that the company really believes in work-life balance, flexibility, and remote working, I was quite skeptical to be honest.

But after more than a year here, I realized everything that was said at the interview was true. 

Besides that, another thing I love about Brighttail is the high quality of work produced by the people here. In fact, this has been a great motivator for me as it keeps me on my toes and pushes me to produce my best work. At the same time, I also get to learn a lot from my peers because everyone here is super talented. I’m so impressed actually by everybody, from the leadership team all the way down to the new hires. Even our interns are amazing!

Additionally, I also appreciate the freedom and independence given to me to be innovative at work. I always feel like I’m wanted and valued at Brighttail. The way the managers give their feedback and mentor me is very much positive reinforcement, which works well with me personally. 

Overall, Brighttail has been an amazing training ground for me in my career development. 

If copywriting is your true calling, come join our young and dynamic team today!